MADVOX WeightLock

Personal Weight Recording, Monitoring and Analysis System...


This application helps you record and monitor your weight as you head towards a specific weight target. To aid you, you may store daily weight measurements in either Imperial or Metric units and visualize your progress graphically. Additionally, the application allows you to obtain your approximate BMI and Body Fat Percentage. The latter can be obtained using a simple approximation or a detailed calculation using body measurements.

BMI and Body Fat calculators can be used independently of your own weight, in case you wish to measure someone else's body mass and, they differ for males and females.

There are options to change theme colors that better suite your style and information on what category of weight might be better for you, based on BMI. You may also share your progress with other applications at any time or export it to a spreadsheet for more detailed calculations.

The only permission this program uses is access to your internal data storage so that your progress can be recorded and retrieved. No further information is used or accessed (Internet permissions are flagged due to the app being browser based).

Remember that the program provides guidance and approximations and it is not designed to be 100% accurate nor a substitute for your doctor or a qualified specialist. WeightLock is free and contains no advertisements.

Full Description

Establish your weight profile and then record and measure your weight as frequently as you wish as you work towards a specified target. Visualize your gains graphically and edit or delete incorrect measurements at any time. Use body mass calculators to determine your progress or that of others, at any time.

  • Main: Record, Report, Calculate

  • Record: Detailed Weight Logging

  • Data: Analyze and Share Results

  • Body Fat: Caculate % Fat

  • BMI: Determine your BMI

  • Options: Configure to your liking

Application Features


  • Use a BMI Calculator to monitor body mass
  • Use a FAT calculator for precise metrics
  • Use Metric or Imeprial units, as you prefer
  • Erase and re-establish data if you need to


  • Click Share to export to another app
  • Click Share to access mail or twiter
  • Turn your device to change orientation


  • Create an initial weight profile to establish a baseline
  • Enter and record your weight as often as needed
  • Visualize your progress graphically
  • Change themes and colors from the Options menu

Hints and Tips

  • BMI and Body Fat Percentages are meant to be guidance and not a substitute for professionals.
  • Erase all calculations from the RECORD page at any time, to start over.
  • Tapping a single entry in the RECORD page will erase that entry if you need to correct it.
  • The last weight you record is immediately stored as your most current weight in your profile.
  • Do not forget to "APPLY" any changes you make in the options menu.
  • Do not forget to "SAVE" any changes you make to your profile, otherwise they are temporary.
  • Calculators allow you to temporarily change gender and units if you wish to use another person's data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Share options are limited on Windows Phone 8: Windows Phone 8 has less sharing options than Android - this is normal. Generally speaking though, you should be able to see options to share via email or text message (SMS or any other text messaging application installed)


Roguetoad Studios - This program was produced with the help of Roguetoad Studios who provided images, themes and icons. This program also uses some clipart and icons from Open Clipart. Some script libraries from the Apache Cordova Project.

Build / Release Information

Released April 2015, 1.2.0
Updated Feb 2016, 1.7.0 - Program Technical Update