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A sliding puzzle game for Windows ...

nPuzzle - a sliding puzzle game for Windows 8.1 available directly from the Microsoft Windows Store. nPuzzle is based on a game invented in 1880 by Noyes Chapman. The game has multiple levels of difficulty, high scores, sharing capabilities, blocks, colors and image modes, and it is completely free. This app targets the new Windows Interface and it is designed as a pure app to minimize the use of resources on your device.

Game Description

Choose from a variety of nummeric tile arrangements or select one of the picture puzzles available in various tile combinations. Rearrange the image or the number sequence in order to win!

  • Main: Record, Report, Calculate

  • Record: Detailed Weight Logging

  • Data: Analyze and Share Results

Game Features


...a new game or resume an earlier one. Share, save and load puzzles and mail them to your friends. Choose colored blocks or image sections. Dare: ten difficulty levels with or without numbers and edge guides. Challenge: beat the time and share with or challenge others to beat you. Instructions included as well as setting fly-outs

Hints and Tips

  • 3 x 3 boards cannot be used for image puzzles since they are too small and simple
  • If you change settings in the middle of a current game they will be applied to the next new game
  • Before you can share a game you must save it
  • Share games by email. Games will be attached as a file automatically
  • To access additional options in-game, swipe from the bottom or right-click to see the command bar
  • You can access extra settings and options using the Windows Settings charm
  • Use the "Scores" command to be reminded of the current high score in a game difficulty
  • High scores are saved according to difficulty and time you took to solve a puzzle

Frequently Asked Questions

None at this time.


Roguetoad Studios - This program was produced with the help of Roguetoad Studios who provided images, themes and icons. This program also uses art from The Silver Guardians.

Build / Release Information

Release 1.1.0, Feb 2014